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Pru Raymond

Pru Raymond


Ambition Beanie

Pru Raymond,  who visited the LIYF booth back in January at Vogue Knitting Live! NYC. This is what she posted on her Instagram account:
"At the Vogue Knitting Live NYC back in Jan when knitting festivals still happened in real life, I picked up these two gorgeous yarns from @liyarnandfarm.
Meeting Tabbethia and hearing about her mindful, sustainable farm-to- table approach to yarn was one of the highlights for me.
Using my #ambitionbeanie pattern as a base, with some tweaking for gauge I came up with this new design! The tartan effect is created by crocheting the vertical stripes after casting off... I did take some notes... is it worth writing up the pattern?"
You can find the pattern for the basic Ambition Beanie on Ravelry by clicking here.  And you can follow Pru on Instagram by clicking here!