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Thanks for coming, we loved having you!

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Thanks to everyone who came to our Summer Wool Party Open House on August 7! We had the most attendees we have ever had! I couldn't wait to drop off all the donations at Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons today - they were thrilled to receive all these goodies!  

Here a mom and baby meet our mom (Luck Etta) and baby...who has a new name!  

Thanks to everyone who submitted an idea for a name for our little boy cria. I am pleased to introduce you to…..JACKSON! We had two honorable mentions, as well. 

 As you can see, Jackson is pleased as punch to finally have a name!

On Wednesday, The Knitting Place in Port Washington brought a busload of knitters and crocheters to tour our fiber farm as part of their first annual Knit And Wine Roadtrip.  Looking at their Facebook photos, it seems everyone had a great time! Here at the farm they got a tour to learn about all the animals that live here (angora bunnies, angora goats, sheep, alpacas and of course, llamas), a look at the various fleeces the animals give, and a chance to shop our yarns, skincare, and other products before boarding their bus again and heading for the wineries. If you have a group that would like a tour of the farm, please contact me at linda@lilivestockco.com! We have 17 acres in Yaphank, and can offer you tours of the farm, hikes with our llamas, photo opportunities, etc.!

This weekend, Tabbethia and Karen are away at the State Fair of West Virginia competing in the llama show events (I promise the piggies and I are not getting into trouble here on our own). You can follow their adventures on our Facebook page or Instagram #lilivestockco. Four llamas - Bellasario, Sir Arthur, Evan, and Ollie- are with them; like movie stars they have their own trailer. 

Karen is 17 and has taken llama lessons here for years, learning showmanship skills and competing in the youth categories at state fairs and llama shows all over the east coast. If you have children that would like to join us for lessons, or want more information, please call 631-680-6721 or email tabbethia@lilivestockco.com.  

You may remember that most of central West Virginia sustained terrible damage from flooding at the end of June, and more than 20 people were killed.  Although located in Greenbrier County, one of the hardest hit by the flood, the fairgrounds themselves suffered little damage, and the organizers stated, “We feel that it is important to continue this tradition and to celebrate this great state. West Virginia is strong and we are committed to aiding in the recovery process”. They have already hosted several fundraisers on the grounds, and a flood relief benefit concert is scheduled for August 21 at the Fair.

Once the ladies return (hopefully bearing lots of ribbons) we will be gearing up for one of our largest events, The Hampton Classic Horse Show! More about that next time…