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VKL shoppers may remember baby Jaycie as the first "find the baby" search during VKL in May when she'd first arrived.

"Baby "Jaycie" has not been feeling well for several days as we told you in the October 21st newsletter.  Last night Tabbethia decided to take her to Cornell University Animal Health Diagnostic Center, and drove "Jaycie" and her mom "Maria" upstate to Ithaca in the van.  Once there, "Jaycie" underwent exploratory surgery where an obstruction was discovered at the opening of her small intestine.  This was a hard "ball" of feed which the vets call a concretion, and it was removed.  She and her mom will stay at Cornell for anywhere from 3-10 days while she recovers from surgery.  We will keep you updated on her progress on our Instagram and Facebook stories, as well as here in the newsletter.  We thank Dr. Sierra who has been coming by regularly to see her, calling other vets for input, and more. We especially want to thank everyone who has been following her illness and offering their prayers, thoughts, and positive energy - knowing so many people care means the world to us."