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American LIYF With Forage Color


We are so excited to announce a new collaboration with another natural dyer!  Jackie Ottino of Forage Color has dyed our yarn in beautiful vivid shades as seen here to create the newest entry in our American LIYF series, American LIYF With Forage Color.  Tabbethia commissioned her to dye these for Patty Lyons' retreat AffiKnity.  The now-virtual retreat was originally supposed to take place in Maine, and Jackie is a dyer from Maine specializing in natural dyes so we thought she was a perfect choice to keep with the Maine theme.  She comes from a commercial background and was the dyer at Swans Island Company before shifting into fiber arts education.  Normally she is teaching natural dye workshops all over the US and Canada and sells a collection of curated dyes from around the world.  


The yarns will be available in fingering, sport, worsted, and bulky.  The natural dyes used in the photo above are Logwood for purple, Cochineal for pink, Saxon Blue Indigo for blue, and Chlorophyll and Indigo for green.  We are already working on different colors for other weights!